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Are you overwhelmed by the Health insurance information that you are receiving. As an independent agent, we can help you navigate through this process. We are licensed, trained and  certified to assist you with the Health Insurance 

Marketplace, and  have direct INDIVIDUAL  and GROUP  insurance programs that we can access for you. Call today to sit down with an agent and explore your individual  or group health insurance options.


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Open and Special Enrollment Period Help

If you need assistance with your open enrollment or need help with a special enrollment period, we are here to  walk you through the steps. 

Open Enrollment/ special enrollment help


Dental insurance for you and your family has a number of benefits. An insurance program that helps you make sure your families smiles stay healthy, is affordable and within reach.  We can help you choose a plan that works for your dental health and your fiscal  health. Get a quote by clicking here

https: // 

We are here to discuss the options and benefits available.   

Small Business and Group Insurance coverage


Do you have a small business of 2-50 employees? Our agency has markets for you. Whether you would like to place your business through the SHOP Market or work with direct group markets' we can help guide you through finding the coverage that suits your needs and fits your budget. 

Health insurance for the Sole proprietorship

Are you a sole Proprietorship looking for a group plan? We have access to specialty markets for this coverage for certain business classes. * Some of these plans require membership in  an affiliate organization and are medically underwritten. 



Q) what are the open enrollment dates for 2019?

A) November 01, 2018 to December 15, 2018. After that time you will need to qualify for a special enrollment period.

Q) I am confused by the health insurance marketplace or direct market for health insurance. Can you tell me a bit more about how I choose which place to apply.

A) Obtaining health insurance through the marketplace is for any individual/family that does not have coverage provided through another source. The marketplace application requires that you create an account and provide your financial information so that they can determine if you would be eligible for tax credits and other financial assistance with your premium. Many of the same plans are also available in the direct health insurance market. The major difference is that if you purchase through the direct market, you cannot get any financial assistance.n the form of tax credits or other credits.  You also do not need to provide all of your financial information or make an account with Plans written through are available regardless of whether you are getting assistance or not.

We can help you either way and also help you in determining which application process is best for you and your family.

Q)  Dental insurance benefits Are confusing. What else is Dental insurance doing for me and my family?

A) Your health is greatly impacted by your dental health. The many benefits  of dental insurance include  Cleanings and check ups and preventative care. * One of the biggest benefits for keeping your smile healthy is preventative  care. Cleanings and X-rays and oral exams are the first line of defense.  Another benefit to being a member of Delta Dental is controlling the cost  of services you receive by utilizing Delta Dental's broad network.  We would be happy to go over the coverage offered by these dental plans. 

* see contract coverage for these benefits) 

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