Welcome to  the Michael J. Hochron Insurance Agency Auto insurance information page. If you are looking for auto insurance you have landed at the perfect spot.  Call today  for quotes from multiple carriers. 1 call 6 quotes! We can also review your auto insurance to ensure that you have the  auto coverage that meets your needs and make personalized  recommendations about coverage and cost savings . 

Did you know that all insurance policies are not alike?  Great differences  exist from carrier to carrier even if it looks like the same coverage. That is why we are here to help you navigate your way through the insurance information available. Our agents will make sure that you  make a well informed auto insurance purchase.   


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Programs and Discounts


Our agency works with Auto carriers that discount to teachers  and other specialty groups.We also have carriers providing special rates and packages for bundling, special organization membership, longevity with your previous carrier, and so many other scenarios. Discussing your options with an agent means you will be able to get the most value for your insurance other specialty  coverage available includes: motorcycle, snowmobile, yacht and boat coverage as well as antique automobile coverage. Some carriers even offer discounts when you write your home,  auto and  motorcycle with the same carrier! We can also place your coverage through multiple carriers finding the best overall package price for all of your coverage.  

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Interesting products and information


Plymouth Rock Perks:


Plymouth Rock has introduced some exciting perks for car insurance policyholders. These perks are add on bonuses and all auto policy holders are eligible..

- Pinstripe Perks: Yankees fan benefits for only $20 per year.  Please call agency for full details this package is very exciting.

- Prudential fan benefits- $14 per year for Devil's fans , and more. Please call the agency for full details of this amazing fan package. 

​College perks program: Penn state Alumni will want to get in on this perk package. Please call the agency for full details. We are excited to share these benefits with our  current and future Plymouth Rock customers.

Special options on your auto policy for renters

 Are you a renter? Ask me about a cost saving tenant endorsement available on your auto policy.  Several carriers have the option for  small renters policy included with your auto all on one easy to pay bill.  This is a perfect option for a first time renter .


Q) I am thinking about driving for Uber in my spare time and have heard that I need to endorse this on my auto policy. Is this coverage available?

A) This is very important information and I am so glad you asked, protecting our clients properly is our priority and open communication about your needs is very important.  The coverage is available.  Plymouth rock now offers a ride sharing endorsement to cover before, during and/or after you pick up a ride fare. Ask us about this when we set up your quote.

Q) What information do I need to get an auto quote?

A) To get a quote from most carriers we will need  names, dates of birth, address, and drivers license numbers for all drivers; as well as the vin numbers  and daily use of your vehicles. Knowing the dates of any accidents and tickets you have is helpful and can help us get the most accurate quotes.  Finally if you know what coverage you are comparing, it would be helpful to have your policy in front of you at the time of your appointment or when we speak.

Q) Do I need an appointment for a quote?

A. No, you do not need an appointment for a quote. If you would like to call us and either provide the information over the phone or email, an appointment is not necessary, however to write the policy in person at our office we strongly encourage you to make an appointment so that we can dedicate our uninterrupted attention to your insurance program.