homeowners insurance Coverage customized to your needs

Whether you  live in a single family home, condo, co-op or apartment we have a policy  for you. We can even insure homes in the course of construction. Our homeowner companies write coverage to meet the needs of today's homeowner. Our markets provide coverage like open perils,  replacement cost , home business , identity theft protection, service line interruption,  jewelry coverage, excess liability  up to  $5 million, and so much more. We offer coverage customized to meet your needs. Choose higher deductibles for premium savings without sacrificing other coverage within the policy. 

Homeowner Coverage

Home Insurance packages customized to meet your needs.

Your home is a one of the biggest investments you make.  Helping you to find homewoners insurance coverage that meets your needs  is our priority. To accomplish this we work with you to assess your goals for your home insurance portfolio and provide you with the information to make your selections.  We can also advise you of exposures that we see.   We are here to  provide you with guidance, insurance quotes and the homeowners insurance or renters insurance that works for your home.

Insure your home with insurance carriers that understand your needs.

Insure your home with insurance carriers that understand your needs.

Tenant/ Renters insurance

What is Renters/Tenants insurance

Renters/Tenants  insurance is the coverage you purchase when you rent a home, apartment, or condo. Tenants coverage can be written a number of ways. The first is on a stand alone tenant policy.  This form has many options and can be customized to your specific needs. The second way is to purchase  renters coverage as an endorsement on your auto or as a combo coverage with your auto. This kind of tenants coverage is only available from certain carriers and is limited in it's internal limits and coverage amounts.  

What kind of coverage does a stand alone tenant policy provide?

1) Coverage for your personal belongings subject to the internal limits of the policy.*

2) Personal liability coverage 

* jewelry and other items may need to be scheduled to properly protect them. 


Home in the course of construciton

Coverage for your home in the course of construction

Did you buy an old home and tear it down to build a new home for your family? Our agency can assist you with obtaining coverage for  a situation where you are rebuilding your own home. Make an appointment with an agent to go over all the ways to cover this situation.

Builders: We have markets to cover commercial General liability and Contractors coverage


Dwelling fire/ Landlords insurance


What is the difference between home insurance and dwelling fire coverage?

The picture to the left looks  like a regular family home; however, once you move out and let a tenant move in, the coverage that you need for that home changes.

Dwelling fire Coverage

The coverage needed once you move out and the tenant moves in is called Dwelling fire coverage. It covers the building,  landlord owned contents and the landlord's liability. 

Your tenant should carry Tenant/Renters insurance for their contents and liability coverage.  

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We can help you evaluate your needs for coverage as a landlord, and help you implement a plan to protect your asset and your liability as a landlord.

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Q:  Does my tenant really need their own renters insurance coverage?

 A: Yes, all landlords should require that their tenants have contents and liability coverage. Your insurance doe not cover a tenants contents or their liability.  If they are responsible for damaging your property  you  want to make sure their coverage is in place to protect your property and liability.

Q: Do I need different insurance if I have a second home and I rent it some of the time? 

A: That will depend on your carrier. some carriers have endorsements that allow some rental others do not. Sharing information with your agent, will allow us to shop insurance quotes for the program that works for you.

Home Insurance information

What to look for when purchasing Home Insurance




1)A company that offers you choices like open perils, replacement cost and extra coverage and discounts to meet your individual needs. 

2) A policy that can grow and change with your families changing needs. 

3) Carriers that write separate excess liability or endorse an  excess liability policy on to your home policy. One bill is more convenient.

4) Coverage on a replacement cost basis: when you have a claim it will be settled on the basis that old will be replaced with new. 

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Smart water and leak detectors

Roost Water detection and alarm


We are very pleased to announce that Beginning in January 2018, each FMI
homeowner insurance policyholder will be eligible to receive a FREE Roost Smart Water  Leak and Freeze Detector valued at $49.95.

What is a Roost?

​​The Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is designed to sense water leaks as well as humidity and freezing temperature situations. It delivers smartphone alerts via the
Roost mobile app to help minimize water damage and loss. This smart Wi-Fi detector sets  up in less than 5 minutes and can be easily located in places around the home that are  most prone to water leaks such as sinks, hot water heaters, toilets and various appliances.

Have you ordered your Roost? 

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Service Line Interruption Coverage



This added coverage will insure direct physical loss to service line covered property that is caused by a service line occurrence at the residence premises. Occurrences include wear and tear, collapse, as well as, rust or other corrosion. **

Service Line Covered Property

Natural gas
Waste disposal

Internet access, telecommunication   services, wide area networks or data transmission **

If service line covered property requires repair or replacement will pay up to the limit shown for this endorsement.

Coverage Includes:

  •  Cost to repair or replace damaged
  •   Cost of excavation
  •   Cost to repair or replace lawns, landscaping, driveways, patios and walkways **

Insured's can choose to purchase a  limit of $10,000, 15000 or 25000 for this special 

endorsement. This valuable coverage is available for premium far less than available from other sources.

 ** individual carrier endorsements may differ in their wording and internal coverage.  We will review what your carrier offers when we review/write your coverage.

Excess Liability coverage

Excess liability or " umbrella coverage"

Excess liability FAQ's

Q) What is an excess liability policy?

A) An excess liability policy provides an additional layer of liability coverage over your home and auto policies.  

Q) I have a home, two autos, two youthful operators and an income property with great coverage, would I need an umbrella policy.

A) Many customers with  even simpler scenarios would be served well by having this added protection.  A thorough insurance review will help you decide what is right for you.

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Jewelry and Collectibles

jewelry and valuable items insurance

Your home insurance internal limits may not be enough coverage for the jewelry , fur, and collectibles that you own. Sharing information with your agent, means they can make a recommendation about how to handle this big ticket items.  Scheduling these items or writing a separate policy for them  is the best way to make sure your special items are covered properly. **

  ** individual carrier endorsements may differ in their wording and internal coverage.  We will review what your carrier offers when we review/write your coverage.